All Bossil products Technical Datasheet and Safety Data Sheet can be found at bottom right corner of each product.Alternatively, you may also download them from this page.

BS-2600 / BS-2600S Seal-A-Gap

BS-2610 Gap Sealant

BS-2630 Ultra Flex Gap Sealant

BS-2640 Rainbow Fill

BS-2650 Quick Drying Gap Sealant

BS-2660 Firesil Sealant

BS-8154 / BS-8155 / BS-8156 Liquid Gasket 1101

BS-8160 / BS-8166 Butyl Sealant

BS-8180 Exhaust Cement

BS-8182 Insulation Cork Tape

BS-8183 Gasket Shellac

BS-8243 Threadlocker Blue

BS-8255 Auto Glass Sealant

BS-8255PL Primerless Auto Glass Sealant

BS-8271 Threadlocker Red

BS-8500 / BS-8501 No.1 Valve Grinding Paste

BS-8580 Paint Remover

BS-2700 Liquid Nails

BS-2710 Low VOC Liquid Nails

BS-520 Contact Adhesive

BS-520HS Contact Adhesive (High Solid)

BS-520LP Contact Adhesive (Laminated Plastic)

BS-520LT Contact Adhesive (Long Tack)

BS-523 Sprayable Contact Adhesive

BS-524HS Sprayable Contact Adhesive

BS-525 Sprayable Contact Adhesive (Heat Resistant)

BS-528 Carpet Adhesive

602 Concrete Primer

BS-8221 All Purpose Hybrid Sealant

BS-8252 High Performance MS Sealant

BS-8255PL Primerless Auto Glass Sealant

BS-8620 / BS-8620S LM MS Sealant

BS-8622 Hybrid Clear Sealant

BS-8625 / BS-8625S X’treme MS Sealant

BS-8628 Instant Grab Adhesive

BS-8630 / BS-8630S MS Flooring Adhesive

BS-8638 MS Seam Sealant

601 Black Primer

BS-2800 LM PU Sealant

BS-2820 / BS-2830 PU Foam

BS-8255 Auto Glass Sealant

BS-2000 All Purpose Sealant

BS-2010 General Purpose Sealant

BS-2100 Glass Sealant

BS-2500 Metal & Glazing Sealant

BS-2510 Weatherseal Sealant

BS-2520 Sanitary Sealant

BS-2530 Roof & Gutter Sealant

BS-2550 FireStop Silicone Sealant

BS-500 PVC Solvent Cement

BS-510 All Pressure Solvent Cement

BS-512AT (Milky Clear) / BS-512G (Grey) Heavy Duty Solvent Cement

BS-530 ABS Solvent Cement

BS-540 cPVC Solvent Cement

BS-550 Pipe Cleaner

BS-2670 Coldroom Mastic

BS-2680 Awning & Roofing Sealant

BS-2690 Non Skinning Mastic Sealant

BS-3100 Vinyl Adhesive

BS-3360 Wood and Parquet Adhesive

BS-8400 BX Bitumen Emulsion Waterproofing

BS-8410 Acrylic Elastomeric Coating

BS-8420 FlashBand

BS-8430 SBR Latex

BS-8440 Cementitious Waterproofing

BS-8442 Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing

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