Construction / Building

BS-8420 FlashBand

  • Elastic
  • Excellent UV Resistance
  • Vertical & Horizontal Applications

A black bituminous compound consists of self adhesive polymer modified bitumen layer coated on to a tough high density polyethylene film and covered by an aluminium foil. It is economical, cold applied instant flashing tape which is ready to use to waterproof with outstanding durability. VitalBand provides excellent adhesion, improved heat resistance, tear and puncture resistance, and chemical resistance to chlorides, sulphates, alkalis and acids.

Protection: Asphalt, brickwork, concrete, fiber cement sheet, metal and plastic materials, roofs and covering, etc.
Sealing & Waterproofing: Glass & plastic windows frame, parapets, skylight structures etc         .
Repair Work: Metal and fiber cement sheet roofing, shingles, gutters and metal tube etc.

Dimensions: 50mm x 10m, 75mm x 10m & 100mm x 10m

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