Construction / Building

BS-3200 Putty Filler

  • Quick Drying
  • Virtually Non-shrinking
  • Paintable When Dried
  • Cleanable With Water

A ready mixed, easy to use multipurpose filler specially formulated to fill cracks and holes in single application. It has virtually no shrinkage and is smooth and durable. It is paintable with oil and water based paints. This water based filler can be clean up with water easily.


  • Filling cracks and holes on surfaces where no structural movement occurs.
  • Filling and repairing cracks and chips in walls ceilings, doors, windows etc.
  • Recommended for both interior and exterior applications

Color: White
Content & Carton Quantity:

Content Carton Quantity
500 g 36 tubs
1.5 kg 12 tubs
5.0 kg 4 pails


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