Construction / Building

BS-2640 Rainbow Fill

  • Various Colors Available
  • Dries True to Wet Color
  • Permanently Flexible

An acrylic sealant with a wide variety of colours for general purpose sealing applications. It is paintable and formulated for sealing gaps and joints where slight movements or vibrations are expected.

With a wide variety of colour, one can match the colour of various construction materials. General sealing applications (door and window joints, cabinet and wardrobe installation, skirting of wood flooring, etc.). Suitable for various substrates (metal, PVC, wood, concrete, gypsum boards, reinforced cement boards, marble, etc.).

Available Colors: White, black, grey, brown, light brown, dark brown, teak, merbau, cherry, beige, terracotta, barley, coffee & greenish grey
Content: 450 g
Carton quantity: 24 cartridges/carton

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