Construction / Building

BS-8182 Insulation Cork Tape

  • Good Adhesion
  • Remain Flexible
  • Excellent Heat Insulation

The heat insulation tape was specially formulated to insulate ducts and pipes for the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry. It is non-toxic, and has good adhesion on most piping and ducting materials, and it been asbestos-free.

Ideal for heat insulation of pipes and ducts. Suitable for applications where water condensation is observed on refrigerant lines and cold pipes for air-conditioning system. It can be used as an excellent insulator for hot pipes, gasketing material, and to wrap valves, tees and fittings. It can also be used as a sound-deadening material.

Measurement: 50 mm x 3 mm x 7.62 m, 50 mm x 3 mm x 9.14 m
Carton Quatity: 10 rolls/carton


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